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light o rama ?

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hello again, I just had a couple of questions about light o rama.
first is there any differnce between the 16 channel lor that wowlights
sales and the one that the lor site sales?
second , are all the lor's dmx compatable?
thanks again for any help.
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I chose LOR after doing lots of "reading". I know that there are staunch supporters on both sides. I just felt that LOR was the better fit for me. Plus I bought it on sale and assembled it myself, so if I want I can sell it for more then I bought it for if I change my mind.

Wowlights has one of the models that LOR offers. It is a little less on their site, because I think they purchase the kits and assemble them themselves. Then they just charge a little less. Their sale is coming up too. I was going to buy mine from Wowlights, but LOR had a surprise sale and I ended up getting it from LOR. Plus I ended up getting a different model then Wowlights offers.
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