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Your best bet for cheap but still effective is the Lighting FX box. It is a basic controller that you can use to sync up lights to blink and flicker along with the music or sound effects. Under $20 - sometimes you can even find them for $12 if you're lucky.

Lightning FX Unit Special Effects Halloween Prop Party - eBay (item 370254567000 end time Sep-09-09 12:09:59 PDT)
This is the Halloween version. It is increasingly difficult to find it anywhere... it comes with a black case with an orange thunderbolt on it, and a CD that has lots of sound effects light thunder, bells, spooky stuff... (not that great, tho as they are not extremely long from what I remember)

Sound Activated Christmas Tree Lights - On Sale - Things for Christmas - Things You Never Knew Existed
This is the x-mas version, same exact thing as the Halloween except for the case colors and cd included.


We're discussing creating a lightening effect in the above thread, but it can work with light strings and music, whatever as long as you have it near the sound source or plugged in directly (and it's super easy to figure out). :)
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