Life Size Scooby Doo Characters for Sale!

Zoinks! Check out our Scooby Doo characters! The gangs all here, hoping you'll help them solve the mystery!

Video Tour:

See the crowd enjoying the set up:

(6) Individually supported, steel framed, cut out and painted characters, including:
Fred (with arm removing the mask off of the villain) 4’w x 6’ T
Villain 2’-6” w x 5’ T
Shaggy 1’-8” w x 6’ T
Scooby 2’-9”w x 5’-3” T
Daphne 2’-2” w x 5’-6” T
Velma 1’-9”w x 5’ T

(3) Blacklight painted villains cut out and supported by steel frames
Space Kook: 2’-9” w x 6’-6” T
Captain Cutler 3’ w x 4’-10”T
Phantom: 3’ x 7’10”T

As with all other listings, no tombstones or graveyard elements are included with the sale.
The Mystery Machine is no longer available!

We are located in Thousand Oaks (Near Los Angeles) and cannot offer delivery of any kind.

We are asking $1000.00 or best offer. Please let me know any questions you may have!
Thanks for looking!