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'Less scary' instrumental music for yard haunt?

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Hi all.

Last year I had so many little TOT's walk right by my house, not wanting to brave my yard haunt. I love my props but the neighbourhood age demographic means I have to tone it down a bit this year or risk just as many scared kids walking on by. In addition to lighting changes etc., I want to change my sound effects from the 'very scary' category (e.g., Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House) to 'less scary' (e.g., Harry Potter soundtrack or Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack) but was hoping to gather other ideas from the experts here. Any suggestions for 'less scary instrumental music' that is still 'somewhat scary'?
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The one I use is the theme from 'Midsomer Murders', but there was a recent thread (active within last two weeks) with some other spooky/whimsical selections.
I've always liked this track for subtle ambiance:

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This one is delightful ... "The Halloween Tree" soundtrack by John Debney. It's from a cartoon from the 90's (really good cartoon, I might add), so it isn't real spooky.
I picked up the soundtrack for Sleepy Hollow and The Village. Both are eerie, but beautiful.
You may want to explore the music genre called Epic Music. It's the songs used in movie trailers. They are heart-pounding and some can be just a bit scary enough for Halloween but not overly so. Here's a couple of examples:

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I don't know if this is toned back enough for you, but it is childhood themed.

Hi markk!

I might have what you're looking for :) Here are links to three of my *Horrorshow* collections. They're more atmospheric -- but also melodic. (I haven't included the "ambient" versions, since those would be considered "scary."):


The first link is less "thematic," so it might be the best -- depending on whether or not you have a specific theme for your haunt. Download codes are available. Just let me know if you're interested in any of these!

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Hey Markk I have just what you are looking for. Not too scary, but just the right amount of emotion and halloween fun.
the first one is a little more emotional

The second one is much more light hearted and childish

let me know if those work for you!
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Thank you so much for the suggestions! I've used several of the songs listed here and I've had many compliments.
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