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I have a spirit ball that Target sold several years ago. It has a talking skeleton skull in it and a black plastic ring around the base. I bought it from a garage sale from a woman who had bought up a ton of Target things on the after sales the year before. Mine did not have the ornate looking legs and I just assumed it was to sit flat on the base. However, I keep seeing people post pictures of theirs from Target with the plastic legs.

If you have one that no longer works and would like to get rid of the legs give me a shout.

I also lucked onto one of the HUGE ones that Walmart carried last year with the ghost inside of it. I found it a few weeks ago at Goodwill in a dilapidated box. It was all there including the legs, but they were loose in the box which got me to thinking that maybe they dropped out of my smaller one.

So, if you have some old legs I would love them! Also, if you have a broken one, I might want it to project onto. So let me know.

I would love to hear from others about the spirit balls that you have to see if they all have legs, too.
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