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LED Street Lights

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Well at the end of last year our town got around to our section of town and installed new LED street lights. There is a street light right in front of our house so I was apprehensive seeing how bright the LED light could be from areas that had already been completed (although the light is for the most part directed downward). I immediately knew that night which day they had done the swap out work.

The good news is my yard and the neighborhood houses are now more in the dark (homeowners may need to supplement their yard lighting for safety considerations however). My front 2nd story bedroom that was always partially lit up inside by the glow from the previous lights is now much darker inside. Better for halloween surprises and setting a spookier mood for my haunt. The lighting difference is actually very noticeable to the surrounding area away from the street surface.

The bad news is that the camera we have set up to see delivery trucks stopping at our house (and during halloween I use to see when kids are approaching our driveway and how many of them so we can be ready at our front door downstairs) is no longer able to record the amount of detail we had with the older street lights. Really almost need a night vision camera now at night. I suspect the new lights will also require some rethinking of motion-sensored props that rely on breaking a beam of light in some set ups.

Curious how many others out there have already had the update or are getting their street lighting updated this year by their cities and what you think of them. I do think it's a change for the better. Cheaper for the city (translates to cheaper for us taxpayers hopefully), and better for creating a creepier haunt.
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