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LED ribbon lighting advice

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Hello haunters:
If there is a better folder for posting about lighting, please redirect me there!
I recently purchased a roll of LED outdoor ribbon lights from Ebay, under the impression that I would be able to generate all of the lights pictured in the listing (including orange, which was the whole reason for my purchase). However, it seems that I only have R-G-B on the strip, with variations & combos of these colors. From the listing (and the remote), I was under the impression that I'd get a whole rainbow of colors, like I am able to get with my LED spotlight. No matter what buttons I press on the remote, I'm getting combinations of R-G-B. While this would be fine for Christmas lights, I was really after something for All Hallows.
Is there something I can do to change this, or did I just make an ill-informed purchase?
Can anyone direct me to a good set of orange outdoor lights (NOT amber, as I keep seeing), if I can't correct the set I have?
Finally, is there such a thing as a roll of LED black lights?

Thank you all for your advice!!
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If you have RGB pixels they will be capable of mixing thousands of colors including orange.The controller does this.
If you have red, green and blue led's only, then that's it .

If you post the specs on the strip and controller I can look and see what you got.

There are UV led strips available.

Thanks, Pete, for your reply.
Per the ebay listing, here are the specs, copied & pasted directly:
Specifications for LED Strips
Color: RGB ( 16 Colors/24Keys & 20 Colors/44Keys)
LED Type: 5050 & 3528 SMD LED (I purchased the 3528)
LED Quantity:
P.S. 30 LEDs/m(5050) 150LEDs/5m(5050) 300 LEDs/10m(5050)
P.S. 60LEDs/m(3528) 300LEDs/5m(3528) 600LEDs/10m(3528)
View angle:120°
Working Voltage: 12VDC
Working Temperature: -20~+60°C
Protection Degree: Waterproof IP65

Specs for remote:
* 20 static colors.
* Over thousands of mixed color from the choice of “Red + / -”, “Green +/-” & “Blue +/-”, can save to 6 different DIY keys.
* Perfect for controlling LED light strips.
* Could adjust brightness, static colors and various dynamic changes in lighting effects.
* Type:44Key Remote Controller
* Connection mode: Common Anode(+)
* Input: 12V
* Output: 12V
* Max load current: 2A each color
* Output: three CMOS drain-open output
* Working Temperature: -20°C-60°C

If this is not informative enough, I can check the lights themselves when I get home (I am posting from work). The "RGB" specified in the listing did make me wonder before I bought them, but the listing contained pics of the lights lit up in every color, which led me to think that I would be all set. Buyer beware!

thank you again for your help!
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Either its a problem with the controller, or you just need to get some better instructions.
Is this your controller?
That is indeed my remote, but I get no colors other than RGB, not even white. I can get the animated effects, but only in those 3 colors. I have contacted the ebay seller, I'm sure I'll get a satisying response (cough). Thank ou again, Pete!
How did you connect the strip? Did it come pre wired?
You might check that the wires are connected correctly from the controller to strip. There is small type on the strip connection that shows which ones are Power, Data, Ground. Yours may have a clock wire too.
Wolfman Joe;1790482LED Type: 5050 & 3528 SMD LED (I purchased the 3528)[/QUOTE said:

The 3528 strips consist of single Red, Green & Blue LED's (35mm x 28mm in size) spaced approx. .5"- 3/4" apart. Although you might get some sort of color blending, the 3528's are not your best choice. The 5050 LED's (50mm x 50mm in size) consist of a 3 LED chip (meaning there are 3 LEDs in each 5050 square.) Each of these squares has one Red, one Green and one Blue LED, and when you blend the colors on these, you'll have a much better result of a color blend.
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