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LED floods? replace my 100 watt regular floods?

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I use 8 to 10 regular 100 watt floods in my yard haunt. I will be adding about 4 more this year and now I'm getting a little worried about my breaker box etc with the numerous 100 watt floods. This would be a perfect time to start incorperating LED floods into my new corner of my yard haunt. Are LED floods as bright as 100 watt?
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The good ones are, but they ain't cheap. If you have all of your incandescent floods on one circuit you should be OK with 14-100 watt bulbs as long as there isn't anything else on that circuit. 14 - 100 watt lights draw about 12 amps.
Was running into the same problem and so switched out the two (bluish - the coating rubbed off) 100-watts in each front corner of the cemetery with four (2 in each corner) 50 LED blue lights. As you can see - not only much better blue saturation but the distance of the lighting now extended to the front of the house. So, probably could have gotten away with just two in each corner but like the complete coverage so, happy. Here's where I got them: http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore/50-led-spot-bulb-blue-p-282.html



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They also have blue, red and green cfl foods. They are a lot cheaper than LEDs and give off a nice color similar to LEDs. They use about 20 watts. The color comes from the lense and not the bulb itself.
I'm now using all LED's - mostly RGB stuff w/Light O Rama, but I have several dimmable floods as well. As Terra said, the color saturation is much better than the incandescents - or at least I think so. I personally like the LED's a lot more, you can run a ton per circuit because there only 15w each and I think the colors are better. J-Man is right about cost @ $30 + each!!! I think CFL's are a great, and much cheaper alternative. I don't think they cast light quite as far as the LED's but the colors are very good. Another alternative you may look into is using regular white LED's in some type of fixture and cover the front with stage lighting gels. You can also get them dimmable if needed. Hope this helps.

BTW, I got my colored LED floods @ www.wowlights.com
I have led floods I purchased from Minions web as well. The colors are very good and made my friend switch from regular 100w floods to leds. The cost is a lot considering for one led flood you can get 3-4 regulars.

Ace Hardware is carrying color floods by Feit so you can go check them out in person if there is one by you and take advantage of any promos they may have to help with the cost.

I get alot of LED floods from these people, they are here in the states, great customer service - large floods are all plastic too so sturdier.

Looking at those ace bulbs, I'm a little nervous to try those out. For one they do not give the lumen output and second they are 5W. If I remember correctly led is about 8 times more efficient than incandescent so those are equal to a 40 watt floodlight? Anyone use them in their setup?
We switched from incan cans with gells to Dmx rgb floods. Major improvement. The rgb kits were 25 at holidaycoro.com.another $10 for the housing at harbor freight. I am running with the acti dongle and light o rama. 5 lights on a 45w power supply. Lumens are not as high but I get infinate color control and find more local lights look better. However there are other options. I love cfl colored bulbs. If you are good with the limited color pallet they are cheep and look good with low watt draw. Again not as much throw as a flood. Or you could try a lower watt flood. Phillips makes a 50 w bulb with output equal to the 100w. It comes only in white but a gell will work. Just re.ember that a fell will reduce your output - sometimes by over 50% depending on color. Finally have you considered adding extra circuits outside? We have 60 amps now just for our display. Its a Saturday project and really inexpensive.
I personally use Minions Web Par 30 and Par 38 LED Floods and believe they are the best bulbs for haunters in the market place. If you have the up front funds I strongly suggest you invest in LED bulbs and take a hard look at Minions Web. I am not saying there arent better bulbs in the market place I am just saying I have not seen any.

Minions provides a plethora of information for their LED's.
I cannot seem to find any flood lights at minons web, only spots.
Spirit has them as well
the Blue LED actually look a cool blue/ purpleish
I cannot seem to find any flood lights at minons web, only spots.
I would look at the Par 30 and Par 38 selections. You can get away with a Par 20's for individual props but the 30's will be more dramatic. The Par 38's will illuminate a nice broad area and are excellent for back lighting or a larger display area.

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thank you all for the advise. Ruper2, I am looking at the par30 & 38s, I was just a little worried that they list them as spots & not floods. I have emailed minonsweb for some advise & will share their response.
Wish I can help you with the difference between the spots and floods on Minion's Web but when I ordered them didn't look for that particular description. Just was looking for blue LEDS. Don't remember if he had a choice back then. It was years ago...
I ordered two of the par 38 blue bulbs this morning to give my yard an overall wash. It's a fairly shallow yard, so I think that I'll get all the illumination I need from those. I also got one of the Kalidescope bulbs in blue and one in green to aim up into the tree in the yard. I need to decide how I'm going to do the highlights, there aren't really any big show stoppers in the yard this year, I didn't get around to building a mausoleum. I might do a slab grave if I get enough of the little projects finished in time. I am probably going to replace the actual porch light with an orange CFL for now. What do folks use for their smaller lights that just showcase a single prop?
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