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Hi folks! I was thinking next Halloween Eve of dressing as Leatherface during the second half of "Texas Chainsaw 3D". He wore this shirt -


I think I am able to properly analyze the product: It looks like it's made of cotton. Light red long-sleeved shirt or burnt orange. (My vote is burnt orange.) Obtaining a similar shirt should be simple. (I am unable to pin-point what the exact small picture is on various parts of the shirt.)

Dark and short red tie with white on it. Both are vintage clearly and have a 1970's western look. There is a website that sells older martial.

http://www.rustyzipper.com - For your future reference if interested.

(I am unable to find items similar from that page.)

So does this report seem accurate? You folks are literally the best when it comes to identifying anything. (I have directly sent others seeking data to this forum for that reason.) Your input is welcome. Could to please tell me what shade of color you think this is or a website that would sell an item of the above nature?
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