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That lesson is... don't use them! We've been using Brian Penickas's Jeepers Creeper mask that we bought from him seven years ago on our Creeper figure, and it has been awesome. Lots of character, great look, and durable as all get out. This year we decided to use a WFX silicone mask. These look awesome in pictures, and thought it would be a great update for the figure, but we were VERY disappointed in the results.

What we learned is these masks may look awesome when they are just sitting there on a custom-made base, but whereas a latex mask is shaped based on its design, a silicone mask is designed to fit to whatever is underneath it, and will stretch and change shape to accommodate that surface. So while a latex mask may be loose on the face, a silicone is snug and adopts the contours of the wearer or mannequin's face.

The first place this became a serious problem with was the eyes. We took the glass eyes out of the latex mask and added them to the silicone mask. They looked okay until we put the mask on the mannequin and the mask conformed to the head, but the backs of the eyes contacted the face of the mannequin, and while this was no problem with the latex mask, it made the eyes bug out on the silicone mask and it looked awful. The glaring eyes had always been one of the most complimented on aspects of our figure since we made him, and now he looks like a fish from Finding Nemo!

Another problem was the mask is a uniformed dark grey, which is what the masks from JC2 and JS3 look like, but without the right lighting and make up effects, on a figure it just looks flat and yucky. The latex mask had airbrushed highlights and multiple color elements and looked much better.

So... I'm going to throw the silicone mask up on ebay to find some other sucker to buy and going back to the Penickas mask.
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