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Lazers and Fog

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Hi. Does anyone know of a green laser system with multiple beams that shine straight out without movement? Thanks. I'm trying to recreate the 'laser ceiling' with fog effect.
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Check eBay for "green laser line" and you'll find bare modules for not a lot of money. Note that laser is spelled with an s, not a z :)
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Sorry about ''lazer''. Was looking at some systems that spelled it that way. Power of suggestion :eek:
No problem. Thought I'd mention it as eBay searches can be fun enough as it is. lol
an inexpensive solution to generate a laser line is to use a round glass rod ... no it's not as good as a real laser line lens ... the generated beam will be brighter in the middle of the line and gets dimmer towards the edges, but most people won't notice when it's used with fog

this is exactly what i did & the results were :)

i purchased glass stirring rods from amazon ... i used a file to score the rod where i wanted the glass to break ... i have a drill press, so i just gently squeezed the glass in the chuck, turned it on and held the edge of a file against the rod while it was rotating ... just snap the rod at the score line ... i also used a small propane torch, the kind used for plumbing to melt the edges at the score line so that the potential to get cut by the glass was eliminated

put the cut glass rod in front of the laser & you'll get a line :)

hope this helps you out

Have you looked at the ADJ Galaxian Sky? They're common on Ebay for $130-$150. You described not moving. Do you mean not to move at all, as in to scan?
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