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Just would like to to thank everyone of you for insparation. We moved to my neighborhood 4years ago. And what a surprise, no Halloween decoration. No Tots, so i decide to change it . 3 years ago i start building some static props. Got some atmosfear dvds. Etc. Etc... from 10 to 200 tots . I thinks im in right direction. This year i decide to go with singing JOL and 3 axis skull DUET ,,,, man,what a crazy project, will post pcs and video latter(cant leave props unattended at night ).
When tot and parents aproching u and telling that they comming back just to see you decoration, im verry pleased and gives u motivation for next year.
This year i would like to write some short latter to all my neighbors. Just to ask to join again this Halloween ,leave lights on, get some candy, get some docaration even from 99cents store, who cares. Just enjoy !!!
English unfortunately not my first language.Im from Ukraine.

Im asking if anyone can write some paragraph for me so i can print it i will really appreciate it,

Thanks all of you for your support and inspiration
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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