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Hello to all!

I'd like to make a formal post about ourselves and our online store.
We're a pair of artists and costumers located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who make animal and monster related prosthetics, masks and other costume items.

Our website: http://www.northfur.ca

Over the years we've built up a large collection of prosthetics, with over 50 different styles, with many more accessories like ears, brows claws and horns.
We have all types and sizes of noses, muzzles and faces to cover felines, canines, birds, rodents, reptiles and much more. We also have some monster and fantasy pieces.

We also make the Lyonshel lineup of masks.

For those who'd prefer to avoid makeup, our prosthetics can be assembled and combined to create 1/2, 3/4 and full-head masks, finished with fur or airbrushed and painted for a complete look.
Combining noses and muzzles with brows and ears can create virtually anything with any expression.
Our gallery has examples of some masks we've been commissioned to make:

We also take requests and commissions for new sculpted pieces outside of the Halloween season.

Please feel free to browse around, there are photos and videos of most items online in the shop and on our YouTube channel

Our most recent pieces include a Sheep/Goat Nose, Large Horse/Donkey Muzzle, a Bear Nose, a replica of the Cowardly Lion's Face, and a Pig Nose.

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