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Hello to all!

It's our 2nd year posting here for Halloween, so here's an update to what we've done since last year.

Our website: http://www.northfur.ca

To recap, we're in Toronto, Ontario Canada, we make latex prosthetics / appliances and masks. We tend to focus more on animal, fantasy and monster pieces rather than horror or gore. We have dozens of stock pieces and can make custom pieces outside of the Halloween season.

Earlier this year we worked on an indy film project, "The Brick House", where we made some new pieces including another pig nose, another wolf muzzle and 7 sets of ear tips/prosthetic ears. These are all online now in our shopping cart.

Since posting last year we've made some other new pieces including a cow/bull nose, beaver nose, large rodent nose and a Grinch face. We also finally did application videos and pictures of our snake face and beast face.
We've also put online some examples of spandex/velour hood based masks we've made over the past year.
Our YouTube channel has videos of most of our pieces in use.

So browse around our shop and have a fun and happy Halloween season!

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