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Latex masks for sale.

Would very much prefer to sell these as a group but will consider selling by Clowns, Zombie, Other
All masks shown here are best for display/props. All need some filling/reshaping. Otherwise good condition as shown.

CLOWNS - $40 + shipping

Nose Organ Jaw Mouth Human anatomy

Organism Jaw Insect Butterfly Illustration

Head Human anatomy Organ Eye Jaw

Head Mouth Illustration Plant Art

Art Carving Fictional character

Head Nose Jaw Cheek Mouth

OTHER - $25 + shipping

Canidae Dog breed Tooth Dog Briard

Face Jaw Head Mouth Human anatomy

Face Head Mouth Mask Headgear

ZOMBIE - $25 + shipping

Jaw Head Mouth Tooth Fish

...or, buy them all for $75 + shipping!
That's $7.50 per mask... can't beat it!

Paypal preferred.

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