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latex mask help

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last year my hubby dressed up as a devil/demon and had a red latex mask that had the full red hood and bits of red hair on it. We have got it from the plastic box costumes go in as son wants to be a devil and we have a problem with it.

Some of the "paint" on the mask is peeling off, all you have to do is touch it as you put it on and more comes off on your fingers etc. HOW can i sort this out? it wasn't a cheap mask but from local fancy dress shop (i think was £6-7 when we bought it)
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Latex is a touchy thing. Extremes of temperature will cause it to break down and fall apart over time. was it stored anywhere it got quite hot or cold? Is it just the paint or does it appear the latex itself is failing? Paint can be touched up but i'm wondering if there is more going on. Can you possibly post a picture of the mask and affected area?
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