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Latex caulking!!!

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I wanted to give this tip, that has helped with the past couple years, to save some serious cash, and something that works great for various effects! Latex caulking! I've used it on several of my own variations on Derek Greenwood's tutorials, sometimes to replace the hotglue, since its cheaper.(Doesn't dry as fast or as stuff and durable tho) I used it once as a coating on cardboard tombstones, you can also add some sand in the mix to make it even better! I've also found that it can give a great rubbery skin like texture to demons or whatnot! Its defiantly something you should experiment and work with a bit, its messy sometimes, but I love that stuff!
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Love to see some pics of how the sand "in the mixture" is worked, and turns out.
I was going to try that earlier in the year when I was making decorations for VBS, I made this big fake rock out of paper mache. I covered it in caulk to help give it more of a smooth look, but I ran out of time and wasn't able to do the sand like I wanted to. If anyone wants to tackle making a tombstone or something and wants to try it, please post pics, I'd love to see also!!!
i thought i posted in here but this is a great idea im going out today to pick up some. thanks for the idea
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