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Last years new critter

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Here's a picture of our flying crank ghost that we added last year.
It's a typical one however we're the only one in the neighborhood with one:D
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Very nice! Where did you get the hands for that thing?
Looks cool Toymaker!
FCG's are the best bang for the buck prop!!!!!
u should get the hamburger helper hands and put it on that. lol amazing work.
The hands are hand made:p
I modeled them after my own. I started out and welded (4) 12" pieces of 12 awg steel drop ceiling hanger wire to a 15" piece. The 15" piece is the middle finger and the wrist. I welded them just below the wrist. I bent over the tips of all 5 fingers at the correct length and at the finger tip.Then I cut the bones out of 3/8" plastic sink or toilet supply lines. They are the same length as the bones in my fingers. Then I slid the innermost bones to the wrist. Then I slid on a domed finishing washer down each finger. Then the next bone and another set of washers. Then again. Because the tips are bent over when the last bone is put on it stays pressed on. The fingers are all poseable. Tehn I just slid white gloves over them..walla bony hands in gloves!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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