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Have been done with my yard set up for over a week now but had these final projects to get done. The standing props were some I got dirt cheap (yeah!) but they were missing all their inside parts. PVC, pool noodles, & zip ties for their frames. Made a white skirt for the bride since she was supposed to be hanging only (big hook in the back). Will slide over rebar for yard display. If anyone has just the plug in stuff for a broken Face Changer, please let me know. Would love to know if I can get this one to work as all the cords are still there but no power supply.

And the cauldron had been sitting around on the LR floor unfinished for several weeks. Using the Great Stuff wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. Hot glued the skulls down first, used tape to hold the bottle pieces in place. Was able to place my cauldron on top about 15 minutes afterwards in order to make a depression for it. The coals are brighter in person--got the LEDs at Target & the set has 10 blinking lights in it to give the coals some animation.

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