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Here in little Mount Carroll Illinois people showed up from 75 miles away and from a few thousand miles away and even one was here last night from France!
California, Minnesota and Maine were also represented.
One man from Cal. told me" he wanted the house tour to only be about an hour long because he had to get up early to catch a plane back home."
(What about all the rest of the ones in the group who have never been here before and are paying the full $15.00 admission? Maybe they all should have shown up sooner? They weren't here at 7 when we opened.
When he said this I responded by saying:"I don't think that is possible."
I tried to hurry them along some, but they all were having Such a Good Time, laughing so much, that I did not feel the least bit "guilty" about the eventual length of their tour here.
The man from Maine happened to be the person the rest pushed forward to volunteer for a few things, and he was a real good sport about it and had much fun!
I told him I usually (sometimes) can slow people down on the slide by hanging onto their hair as they begin sliding, "but"? He had a nice beard , but had a shaved head! "Oh, well?"
The young woman from France was picked on just slightly , she was in awe of this place, so I had to tell her about the man who yelled over my fence one day:"If you were in France, You'd be Famous!"
"Yes, "Famous " for being the only Non-French speaking person in France trying to run a year-round Haunted House!" So I played the Buffoon, who really is not, and who is complete control of their short-term destiny's.
So many Smiles! So much Laughing, I love it!
All but two of the guests last night are Museum professionals who came to Mount Carroll to attend some classes at The Campbell Center, which provides many of my best fans ever.. because.. they "Get" the jokes! hahahaha! (Or at least I thought they did?)
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