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A man came here for a house tour from three hours away bringing 4 teenage boys with him,two were his sons. the one boy had said via previous communication that he was looking forward to seeing what I had posted about on Facebook.
I know that I have at least four new things here , but maybe he was so distracted by what was going on he forgot to tell me he saw them?
One item may have scared him. I know for sure one other new item DID Scare Him! Jumping quickly backwards and hollering out usually means that!
Their Father has been returning here since 1991.
His 1991 visit he saw a very sparse wine cellar, he said back then is was empty, except for the end of the slide.
I really don't quite remember it ever being that empty. I had a mannequin and a homemade human figure down there, with red lighting and a screaming sound track, which elicited this response from a young woman then:"I thought I was seeing "Hell!" I was very scared !
No she wasn't really seeing "Hell"... she just had purchased the regular ticket.
Not "The Hell-PASS!"
As they were leaving via the exit I reminded them when they come back again,that "Igor Needs Women!"
I explained:"Then you can scream and blame it on Them!"

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"True cult following?" You better believe it! And I have worked toward that end ever since "Day One!"
I have had so many people get nutty over my house and the tours I give them. ("Nutty" in a very Good Way)
People have a really good,fun time here the huge majority of the time. I have always featured a huge clump of visual,mental, involvement and stimulation (without mental or physical mutilation)
My house and "Show" is very different and basically that "different" is just a logical extension of ... my mind and my ideas.
I will do and have done almost anything to entertain people here,make them laugh ,not be fearful.
This is my own semi-private Comedy Club , with No Booze! (which equals almost no problems!) What a concept!
I have had small groups of people begin laughing as I open the front door (No, I am Not Naked!) and continue laughing for the next 45 or more minutes, THEN they beg me to Stop making them laugh.. because.. "Their face hurts!!"
Of course this request only inspires me to make them laugh.....

This house is a haunted, haunted house and has been ever since at least 1925.
The house is full of my own artwork, constructions, ideas,props.
I pride myself on entertaining or scaring people with very ,usually,minimal items, the sort of things we all throw away. every day.
A small junky toy for $1.00 at a second-hand store, a garbage bag,a cardboard cut-out given to me years ago.
It's not the prop so much as the set-up and the anticipation....that could be my secret?
"MMMM? Could BE?"
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