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Last minute theme change...Need ideas

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So over the weekend my kids tell me they no longer want to do the Wizard of Oz, which was out family theme this year. (we are not doing a haunt or anything...simply costumes for ToT and parties). I'm glad I had not done too much work. I think what I did already make can be used for other things later (I can use fake fur in a lot of things). Anyway....now we need to come up with something that I can whip into shape in the time remaining. The problem with this is we have a group of 7 and we always have some kind of theme. In recent years we have done:
Traditional Monsters (zombie, ghost, Frankenstein, devil, bride of Frankenstein)
Fairy Tale Characters (fairy, elf, mother nature, fawn)
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Monster - (Vampire, werewolf, witch, zombie gladiator and zombie/ghost slave girl)

I'm really at a bit of a loss. I mentioned pirates and they didn't get too excited...what else can we do with such a large group? And it has to be something that's not too time consuming as I work full time, go to school full time, and try to keep my house in order....sort of....

Any ideas are most welcome!
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Not sure how old your kids are, but maybe:

Snow White & 7 dwarfs
Willie Wonka & oompa loompas
Walking Dead
The Avengers
Day of the Dead
Addams Family
Snow white and dwarfs is a good theme idea, or m%m s.?
Nothing like a theme when you have a large group to work with. Hmmm, you've done a lot of different ones.. Vikings? The Simpsons? Smurfs? Alice in Wonderland? I guess it really depends on what your kids would be interested in. We've done a few fun gaming themes too (Mario Bros).
Witches and other conjuerers would be fun and is what I am doing this year. You can have witches, warlocks, wizards, fortune tellers, sorcerers.I am doing a Conjurerers Consortium.

How about Hocus Pocus. The three Sanderson Sisters, Thackery Binx, Emily Binx, the devil or master, the masters wife. Billy Butcherson
It could be a lot of fun.

Famous witches---choose your own and can use warlocks or others from movies
im just going to list off "worlds" doesn't have to be the main people listed

Ninja turtles
The Simpsons
Powerpuff girls
Fosters home for imaginary friends
Adventure time
Gravity falls
Star Trek
Post apocalyptic
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Wow guys thanks! Some of those sound really great. I can at least give the ideas to the kids and see what they think.
Some fun group costumes I've seen recently are

A family of Where Waldos.
The characters from Up (Russel, Carl, Kevin the bird, Dug, etc)
The emotions from Inside Out
The characters from Mario Party
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