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I ordered two 700 watt foggers from Pro Audio in Ohio. One of the two foggers is broken. I tried everything from swapping the fuses to swapping the controllers.

The fog machine lights up (the power) but the controller light doesnt glow as it should when its powered.

Since Halloween is Friday, I am wondering how to proceed. An RMA is a bit useless to me since its not possible for the unit to be sent to them, inspected, & a replacement gets sent.

I am contemplating ordering another & calling in for an RMA on the broken one (That gives me 3 of the 700watters & a RMA replacement would be 4 - which is probably more than what I need).

Anyway, any suggestions on troubleshooting or figuring out what to do?

A replacement is 65 bucks so, its not really breaking the bank. I am just curious what you guys think.

The restocking fee is 20% but I feel a little bit like this isnt my fault (& since there not the manufacturer its not theirs either).


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This is what I'd do:

Get the ball rolling on the replacement for the broken fogger now, even though it won't arrive in time most likely.

Buy a cheap $20 400 watt from WalMart to use for this year. While the output/timing won't be as strong as the ones you have now, it will do in a pinch and for much less $$$.

You hopefully will get two working 700 watt foggers and a 400 watt cheapy backup for next year.

$65 is a bit pricey for my taste to buy something that is replacing something that should have worked in the first place. :eek:

But that's just me. ;)
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