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Last Minute Costume Ideas from Buzz Feed

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I always leave thinking about my costume until I'm finished working on the yard stuff. Which means never. So I thought this list was pretty cool. Not saying I'd do anything exactly like this but it's a nice reminder of how unusual materials can be used to create decent costumes really quickly.

I don't think I'd bet my Halloween on the "dye pantyhose with Koolaid" suggestion though. That sounds like theoretical to me. ;)

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I always like the punny costumes, even if there's not much to them. The Identity Thief costume made me laugh.

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, here's a pretty great list. Caution though- there are spoilers. Don't look if you're not fully caught up!


(I liked the Identity Theft one too!)
I have always opted for really easy costumes Luka a vampire or red riding hood - this year I decided to go all out and put together a costume that takes 40 minutes and 2 people to get on. Lol! I might just have to go back to red riding hood.
Those are pretty funny! Thanks for sharing, Gobby!

I liked the "Chicken-Cord-on-Bleu". :)
My wife won't stop sending me these things...these definitely don't fall under quick or last-minute for the most part, but some very cool ideas. #s 3 to 8 are all pretty cool and I love the captured mermaid as well..
Yea, those are great, too!
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