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Last minute costume finds at Goodwill (Gilroy CA)

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I was in CVS in Gilroy and at the last minute decided to run into Goodwill next door. OMG what great costumes, wigs etc they still have! And I thought decent prices. I left with two long nurses dresses and a doctor's jacket (labeled Grey's Anatomy tv show merchandise, perfect for hubby) which I'll use in my mad lab. Those were 9.99 each. If you live in the south SJ area you might want to check them out this weekend.

Didn't see props at this location, pretty much costumes.
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Nice find! Here in North Carolina I have 7 Goodwill & Salvation Army stores I visit all through the year. I get clothes for static props and all kinds of things to build into my scenes. Never sure what you are gonna find there but always worth the time to stop and have a look!
I was stunned to see so many nice costume items with only a week til Halloween. Here's the jacket and one of the dresses. :D They had lots of scrubs as well but thought for the Brain Research Center these were more appropriate. Hope others in my area, and elsewhere, can locate some great last minute finds!

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I was able to pick up a long trench coat, old brown blazer, blue pinstriped suit + pants for under $25. Found some great stuff at Goodwill and Out of the Closet in SoCal. Me and the girlfriend are going to be Tenth and Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who this year.
Those were some great finds.
The Goodwill stores around here (St. Paul, MN) still have tons of Halloween stuff but the prices are ridiculous. (And sometimes higher than at the Halloween stores.) I was looking for a dress for my flapper costume and found the perfect one at my local Goodwill. Unfortunately it was $32. (I couldn't find anything that worked in the regular, non-costume dresses either.)
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