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Large cauldron build

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First off, thank you to Old Man Bakke for the idea and the step by step tutorial here http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutor...w-make-large-cauldron.html?highlight=cauldron

This is another first for me, I had never used paper mâché.
Red Plywood

Started with a large round tub that I found at a local hardware store.
Wood Blade

Then I start cutting "ribs", these make the tub look like a cauldron
Tire Automotive tire Inflatable Games

Taking form
Tire Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Auto part Rim

Wrap it up with a toll of duct tape
Paper Paper product World Globe

My first layer of paper mâché, so far so good I think. See how it looks/feels today when it's all dry
Pottery Font Ceramic World Table

Time for a coat of paint. I used Flat black Plastidip, thought it would seal it up nice and strengthen it a bit.
Tire Automotive tire Auto part Vehicle Metal

Testing out the fog machine and a green floodlight
Table Gas

well that's it so far, but i'm headed back out to the garage right now.
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