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First off, thank you to Old Man Bakke for the idea and the step by step tutorial here http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutor...w-make-large-cauldron.html?highlight=cauldron

This is another first for me, I had never used paper mâché.
Red Plywood

Started with a large round tub that I found at a local hardware store.
Wood Blade

Then I start cutting "ribs", these make the tub look like a cauldron
Tire Automotive tire Inflatable Games

Taking form
Tire Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Auto part Rim

Wrap it up with a toll of duct tape
Paper Paper product World Globe

My first layer of paper mâché, so far so good I think. See how it looks/feels today when it's all dry
Pottery Font Ceramic World Table

Time for a coat of paint. I used Flat black Plastidip, thought it would seal it up nice and strengthen it a bit.
Tire Automotive tire Auto part Vehicle Metal

Testing out the fog machine and a green floodlight
Table Gas

well that's it so far, but i'm headed back out to the garage right now.

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I put in a night shift on the cauldron prop last night. i think it's finished! (for this year anyway)

I wrapped the base of the cauldron in saran wrap, laid some out on the floor, then made a bunch of odd shaped balls and wedged them along the bottom of the cauldron. here it is ready for some foam.
Tire Automotive tire Rim Automotive wheel system Auto part

one can of great stuff seems to have done the trick

after letting the foam cure over night i went out to see how easy i could get it off of the cauldron.
Water Tree Soil Sinkhole
add a very light coat of black paint. While removing the foam i found a couple of the spots where the foam was a little thinner to be a little flimsy. so i traced my foam onto 1/4' plywood and jigsawed out some base support.
Art Wood Floor Fictional character

I the glued a string of orange lights to the 1/4'' base support, then glued the foam to the base
Put the pot on
Light Water Sky Automotive tire Gas

throw an old costume on this "dress making thing" yes yes that will do
Light Cookware and bakeware

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The coals do look great. I pretty much spent the day today putting my fire pit together and just stopped to take a break. In fact, I just sprayed the last of the foam into the fire pit a few minutes ago.
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