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Laptop to Espon 3020 help with Ghostly Apparitions

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Hello all! I just downloaded the HD Ghostly apparitions file and placed it on a USB flash drive, the 3020 doesn't accept mp4 via usb hook up, so I tried hooking up HP laptop to 3020 via hdmi cable, is there a way to only show the Ghostly files only as I'm getting a display projected of my desktop background, video controls, etc (basically project exactly what I see on my lap top screen). I would like to do the hollusions projected onto some tulle. Thanks in advance from my non tech savy self!:rolleyes:
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Play the file on vlc (or whichever media player program you're using, and go fullscreen)
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Convert the MP4 file to whichever file type the projector will play. Go to http://www.freemake.com/ and download their free video file converter. You can convert the file to just about any format. You can even use the software to burn to dvd. It's very easy, self explanatory. Drag and drop the file into the program window, choose any one of a number of file types at the bottom of the window, choose the location where you want to file to be saved, and then click convert. It's that easy. Depending on the file size, type, and what you're converting it to, some files take longer than others. The larger the file, the longer it takes. I've had full length HD movies take up to a couple of hours to finish converting, but it's really just click it and forget it. The program does all the work. You can even edit the video before you convert it. In my opinion, it's the best free video file conversion software out there, mostly because it's so extremely easy to use.

Also, their free video downloader is awesome too. I use it all the time to download videos from youtube onto my computer. You just copy the url, click the past button in the software window, choose the resolution you want to save it as, choose the location to save it to, you click download. Easy as pie. I can't say enough good things about Freemake. I've been using their free programs for about four years.
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double post.
Play the file on vlc (or whichever media player program you're using, and go fullscreen)
Yup this. By default your projector will run in duplicate mode. You can go full screen with your video player, or run your laptop in "extend" mode and drag your video player window over to your second screen (projector) but should still play it in full screen. If your still wanting to go the usb drive route, you need to find out what file types your projector supports.
You'll make it so much easier on yourself by downloading Freemake Video Converter, and then converting the video file to whatever format type you need. It even allows you to set the file size, and resolution. You'll never be left trying to figure out a way to play a format that a device won't support, because you just convert the video to a format your device will support. Look at these screen shots. All you do is drag and drop the file into the window, and then look along the bottom at all the choices of formats you can convert to. I show three pictures because I had to scroll the bottom three times to show all of the formats supported. It's an awesome tool.
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