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I have the following supplies that I used this last year for a lab set and am not interested in storing them.
Would like to get $60 + shipping - I spent over $150 for it

3x1000ml beakers
4x800ml beakers
2x500ml beakers
4x250ml beakers
2x100ml beakers with triangle tops
2 x100ml beakers
10x50ml beakers
25large plastic test tubes
25med plastic test tubes
25med glass test tubes
25small plastic test tubes
Misc lab vials (from a hospital lab)
4 test tube holders
10 large petri dishes 150 mm
25 small petri dishes (about 50mm)
about 4 graduated cylinders of various sizes
couple hospital masks
couple bio hazard bags
about 100 transfer droppers

Have photos I can provide later if requested. Shipping would be from Colorado and all the supplies are plastic so they're not too heavy.
please send email to [email protected] and put "HF for sale" in the subject line so I can weed out the spam!

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