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l.o.r question

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I am trying to become familar with the l.o.r software, but I am having some trouble with one thing. is there a way I can playback specific parts
of a sequence with out having to listen to the whole song?
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Hey djm. I know how tormenting it is trying to learn a new program, when really all you want to do is create. What you do is when playing a sequence and you want to pause, just click stop and then when you want to re-start in the same spot go to the tools at the top of page and click on the one that says play-click play range on drop down menu- click visible screen. Now your good to go just click play icon.

To start a sequence in a particular spot click on play at top of page-click play range from drop down- click selection. Now click and drag anywhere on your sequence for what ever part you want to hear. Now your good to go just click play icon. Hope this helps have fun.
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