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Know This Classic Ghost Story?

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I am looking for an old classic ghost story. Maybe someone here knows it. I only know bits and pieces. It was televised on British TV and featured Michael York- but I didn't see anything like it in his imdb filmography. I've also heard an abridged version on OTR.

As much of the plot as I know: It's the early/mid 1800's. A young man meets and old one while staying in cheap shabby rooms. The old man shares his story. The old man once had a daughter and lived in a fine house. The daughter wanted to marry some man the father thought unsuitable. The daughter ends up dead before any marriage and the devastated dad falls on hard times. His only income was the rent from the mansion. However, the house is haunted by the daughter and no one will buy or rent it.

So the ghost of the daughter tells dad the she will rent the house with the caveat the the father collect the rent in person. There might also be a toast of wine involved here as well. So dad collects the rent- noticing that the coins are always never newer than daughter's death date. The young man accompanies the the father on rent day and he spies the ghostly daughter. Next rent day, the old man is deathly ill. So the young man volunteers to go to the house to collect the rent. He finds the daughter very much alive and playing ghost. But during the visit- she sees dear old dad's ghost fer reelz.

I'd love to know the author/name of this tale. And I'd like to see the Michael York TV movie too. Anybody know this one?
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Hi boo who?,

I never saw the movie or read the story you described but it sounded interesting so I did a search for something similar . I think it might be The Ghostly Rental by Henry James and there was a movie with Michael York called The Haunting of Hell House that was based on the story . There are trailers for the movie on YouTube .Thanks for posting the question , now I want to see the movie also .


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THANK YOU! Yes! Henry James' "The Ghostly Rental." I'd only seen the movie in part and heard the OTR much abridged version. My mom vaguely remembered bits and pieces. Thanks again for identifying the story. I knew someone here would know.
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