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Knife throwing illusion Prop

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Imagine a ToT gets to the end of the hall when BANG! A knife apparently slams into it as if thrown over their shoulder. They turn around and see... whatever... or maybe nothing at all.

Magicians use this in their knife throwing routine. They have prop "knives" loaded on a spring type mechanism in back and as they pretend to throw the knife, an assistant triggers the mechanism.

I have a stage show to build where a young actor will need to have a similar device (shaped like a small table or a chair) to shield himself from shuriken apparently thrown by a ninja. I need to build the device, but have no experience and cannot find a tutorial online for free or for sale.

I am hoping some fellow haunters have made something like this or can offer guidance (or a reference) so I can get this built by May. Like any haunt or magic show, it has to work live on stage without making the gimmick obvious.

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The knives being thrown are 100% real (not a gaff), the assistant's table however holds a secret!

The table or rotating disc platform houses spring loaded mechanisms (either by manual release or pneumatic-trigger) that release a duplicate tethered knife that shoots out of a tiny slit in the table just big enough for the knife. When timed properly the performer "throws" the knife at his assistant strapped to the table, just missing her body! In reality, the stagehand or assistant times the magician's "throw" with the spring loaded knife trigger mech.

The magician has his back to the spectator(s) so when he "throws" a knife, the audience doesn't see him slip it into the coat lining or jacket pocket. The sound of the duplicate knife shooting out of the platform/table right as the magician gestures a knife throw with his hands, makes the illusion complete.

At no point is a knife actually thrown!
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Ouch! LOL. :) It would never happen though...

The magician ditches it well before he gestures the throw motion. I haven't done it, but I would assume you'd pocket it via a 1-2-3 throw count and ditch it on the downward count of 3 during the throw. I guess a amateur could drop it, ruining the illusion. Assistants have a long contract to fill out before performing, just in case potential oopsies happen! LOL.

"...And now for my next trick, I'll make an ambulance appear to cart off my once-lovely assistant!"
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