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Kittyvibes Deadmoon Circus 2014

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Heres a link to my album, http://www.halloweenforum.com/members/kittyvibe-albums-halloween-2014-deadmoon-circus.html

If anyone knows how I can upload the pics so they arent sideways in the album please let me know. ><

Deadmoon Circus was my theme, I blasted awesome music, heres a video of my aunt (the clown) dancing and a clown prop getting in on the fun, hehe. My mom was the bearded lady, she was so cute. We love being silly.

(click on tiny pic will take to my video on photobucket)

This video I intended to replace the audio but I felt that removing the original (embarrassing) audio would leave the video feeling cold, so I left it. Thats me talking to my brother behind the camera about his dog going nuts since he didnt bring him to the party this time and the toters would leave his dog hoarse and not able to bark for awhile. lol. We partied our butts off and too bad not many tots showed up but we still had a great time being silly. :)

(click on tiny pic will take to my video on photobucket)
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Nice job! Very colorful and so much detail, and only a few are sideways(don't know how that works).
You make me feel like a slacker if you made all those props this year. I just love the clown entrance. I feel sorry for whoever put together the Misfortune Teller. It is a wonderful prop but all those damn little screws about drove me crazy. Which reminds me on the the Misfortune Teller there was one plug that I did not use and did not see a reference to in the instructions. It is sizable cord with a finger-like plastic case and the end of it appears to receive an output jack or something. Does that ring any bells?
Captured the creepy circus theme very effectively - don't think I could've gone near it!

"...how I can upload the pics so they arent sideways in the album please let me know"

Are you uploading from your computer? I know on mine for pics like this i have to open them in Paint & rotate them either clockwise or counter-clockwise before uploading. Hope that helps!
Wow Kittyvibe your haunt turned out fantastic! Lots of detail to the scene too....We really must get our garage cleaned out to add covered space to our haunt... I had fun looking through your HF album and finding things like the DT suckers and popcorn box finds we've been mentioning in our store threads. I have the little GR dummy guy too and so loved seeing him in your set up. Your circus lady has some knockers on her and really filled out that dress. Strap-less dresses are always challenging. She looked great and very circus like. Nice choice on her costume. Where was it from? Must also compliment you on your clown facade which was Huge. You clearly spent a ton of hours on the set up and it really shows. How many ToTers did you get this year?

Will check out your photobucket album next.

As for the sideways photos, I'm not sure why this happens to people importing. I use to see it alot but now only occasionally. It's clear your portrait-style photos all have the problem on import. I think it use to happen to me but hasn't in a long time. Are these all taken with a cellphone camera? I'm assuming so. Might be something in your camera software. If so, are you running older software on it? I don't think the problem lies with the site here.

Try doing this and seeing if it helps resolve the problem with your current camera set up: using one of the same photos you imported to HF album, on your camera rotate it and then rotate it back again to it's original position, then import it into HF. Sometime ago I experienced this on an older phone and when I did the rotate and rotate back it imported just fine for me. If it works then you'll need to do that for all those photos taken in that view when importing here (or update software possibly to fix). I think when you go to import to HF's albums you get that small thumbnail first and can catch any turned photos at that point before finishing the import.That's the only thing I can think to suggest.
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Just watched your video. You guys all looked great in your costumes! And the animation you added to some props was nice and kept your eyes search to take it all in.
I loved the photos of your haunt this year. The huge clown face entrance is fantastic. So much fun looking at everything. Great job!
thanks everyone :3

GOS- the photos were from a camera (not phone) I re-uploaded them since I dont have an edit option to replace, I didnt want to lose my comments so I have the upright pics added.
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