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I decided to start this club when I realized that my October hobby had become a year-round obsession.

My friends are no longer willing to listen to me talk about skeletons, the glories of papier mache and the many uses of foam insulation.
So I found lots of new friends on places like Halloween Forum and the Halloween Monster List.

But I wanted to take my interest offline and share my experiences with live people. (Oh, the irony...)
I made my way to the FanExpo in Toronto and was absolutely bouncing at the opportunity to talk to like-minded Halloween crazies. (If you were there, I was the one dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein.) It was fabulous and I spent waaaay too much money.

Sooo, if you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo area (or Cambridge, or Guelph, or you don't mind driving...), I am going to set up this little club.
I figure we can help each other out with projects, get some discounts, get inspired.
And hopefully make a few friends along the way...

Please, if you are just starting out, don't be shy! We are always looking for Halloween virgins to sacrifice... :D

Email me at [email protected] or check out my blog at KW Haunters.
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Will have to keep an eye on things on your site :eek:
Great stuff..I'll have to post pictures on the forum here and if at all possible on the blog..my haunt will be complete Saturday morning..
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