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I just finished assembling my Kit 74 relay board and I have a printer cable however it looks like I need an adapter to connect the printer cable to the card. Is this correct?

Also if there are any good information sites for Kit 74 board please let me know

I plan on using VSA to run a simple program and control 2 props a breif sequence follows

1 Music Plays
2 Black Light On
3 FCG On
4 Light and FCG off
5 Music change to bell ringing
6 Floodlights on
7 Spirt with Wings open
8 music wicked laugh
9 Wings close spot light off
10 Return to Top

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I'm guessing your printer cable is a DB25 to Centronix cable. You need a DB25 to DB25 cable.

Not sure what you want to know about the Kit 74, but there's really not much to it. Each relay has 3 connections, Normally Closed (NC), Common (C), and Normally Open (NO). When the relay is at rest, there is a connection between the common and the normally closed. When the relay is energized, the connection between the common and the normally closed is broken and a connection is made between the common and the normally open.
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