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kit 74 and singing pumkins

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hello i was just wondering how hard it is to use the kit 74 for singing pumkins.
also i would like to know, if there is better way of putting together this type
of prop
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LED singing pumpkins

I was able to do the singing pumpkins a couple years ago using the SSC-32 to control 3 color LEDs (one channel per color). I had eight multi-color lights controlled by VSA. It took a bit of tinkering to get the SSC to power the LEDs, and the effect wasn't too noticeable in daylight, but looked great under low-light conditions. If your display is primarily at night or in a space where you can control ambient lighting, it's a low-cost way to get a pretty versatile effect.

I used:

VSA software and PC
SSC-32 controller
eight 20kmcd three-color LEDs (common anode)
24 matched resistors
prototype breadboard for connections
lots of 4 conductor wire
shrink tubing
8 faux pumpkins (on sale from Micheal's the previous year)
Sand to keep pumpkins from blowing away (it was really windy that year!)

I had a program of about 8 songs that looped throughout the evening. Looked great in the dark.
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