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A couple of months ago someone had posted a wholesale catalog here that listed Halloween merchandise. There was one really cute item I wanted:

Witch hat Costume hat Hat Costume accessory Costume

It takes batteries and kicks around and says something. Since it was just a preview for wholesale merchandise, I waited until I might find some in stores. All I can find online though is this place that says they're "out of stock" (I think it's a new item, so perhaps they just didn't get them in yet): http://www.partydepotstore.com/1788/legs-kicking-ghost-halloween-decoration-17550

But then I also find them on Plow & Hearth who claims they are exclusive to them ... and the cynic in me suspects that they purposely worded their description to avoid any easy google searches to compare items. http://www.plowhearth.com/halloween-witch-ghost-with-light-sound-and-motion.htm

So, I don't know if Party Depot Store will indeed be carrying them or not, or if they are indeed exclusive to Plow and Hearth ... all I do know is that I cannot find them anywhere else. Has anyone else seen them?
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