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Kentuckyspecialfx.com 10% Discount Coupon Code Entire Website

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If you use coupon code CREEP10 during check out you get ten percent off every item on the website.
Our newest items include, our Harleyquinn Ghost in our Halloween ghost decoration lineup, the Jigsaw reverse bear trap prop replica, photo op pillory stocks and new C02 ice jet kits.
We are now repairing the Gemmy life size props again, we took a break for a few months after having to come up with a way to completely replace the boards as we got swamped with barbecued board issues, however, it still takes a few days to go through them and refurbish them properly but it’s back on the menu.
Also shipping for the toe pincher coffins ground VIA UPS will now be much more affordable.
As always were here to help in anyway possible, if you need something custom built give us a call at 502-836-3125 were here seven days a week, coupon code not applicable to custom built orders.
Were just getting started on adding new props this year, come see what we added.
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