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Kentucky Special FX

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Has anyone purchased from these folks. Their web site looks great. I am curious as to the quality of their products as well as their customer service.
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Recent Purchase with www.kentuckyspecialfx.com

I assume this is where I would post a review on www.kentuckyspecialfx.com, I found the link on theyre website.
I ordered the following items little over a week ago from theyre website.
Spider web shooter gun, real big toe pincher coffin, six of the blacklight halloween hanging ghost decoration prop thingys, some tombstones and two of the flying crank ghost one big one and one normal one and we also got a animated coffin but called and had them custom do a electric instead of air powered.
My husband also now has a custom order as of this morning in with this company to build something stricly custom for us.
I went to the trouble of looking to praise this company in some way because out of all my online shopping experiences in the past ten years I have never been more happier.
To be able to call the owners cell and send pictures back and forth at 1 o clock at night on a sunday and ask for tips and help and suggestions with stuff was just insaine.:p
We must have been on the phone till 2am with him just asking goofy questions cause we didnt have a single problem one with anything we bought from them.
Let me say this.
I spent nearly 2K with kentuckyspecialfx.com doing a halloween display for our business and the service and quaility we got of the items WAS FRIGGIN SMURFY! The hubby and I are more than happy with our purchases!:p

Mike, I hope you see this, thanks for all your help and keep doing what your doing, you rock!

Tiffany and Ryan:p
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