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Keep burning through my AXWORTHY sewing maching motors...

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I have the standard 1AMP motor you find on EBAY.

I have to replace them every year. I have about a 200 ft run with three garage door pulleys sitting on bolts...they spin freely and fairly efforrlessly. The motor has a small vBelt to the first pulley and the whole thing is controlled by a AC fan motor.

I'm just wondering why I'm burning through these things at an alarming rate....any suggestions appreciated.

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An electric motor, specially a DC wound motor, is a lot like a good sled dog in that it'd rather die in the sled harness than tell you it can't do the job. I'd look at two areas that could be causing the motors to burn up. The first would be to low of an RPM on the motor which is giving you peak torque but also causing amps to stay on the higher side. The other, would be the load is just to big for the little motor to chug. Not sure if you can do a gear ratio change up (or deal with a slower ghost but changing gear ratio will affect motor amp draw. Adding a blower/fan cooler to the motor will also increase duty cycle/motor life as even class H insulation has a heat rated life span. Hope this helps.
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