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I know we've already been discussing the croaking toads that K-Mart has (similar to Big Lots).

Today I checked out their online selection of Lawn Ornaments and Statutes in the Outdoor Living/outdoor decor area and was pleased to see that their Wagon Wheels are back in stock this year, 15.99. They're 31-inches in diameter. Much larger than the ones that Big Lots carried a few years back. I bought one or two from Kmart several years ago and haven't seen them since. Have to see how many I have. The plan is to use them as wheels on carnival circus wagon facades and figure I only need 2 for each wagon, the two that will be seen as the kids walk past. Might even use one for a big carnival wheel of chance. Link.

They have a nice wooden Pirates Wheel, 32 inches in diameter, 19.99. Link.

If you are doing haunted tiki, they have a number of solar tiki gods, some 36-inches tall. These looked similar to the ones Big Lots had a few years back that had glowing eyes but are a different design.

Resin alligators in different poses. Angels as well.

Best thing to do is keep checking back to see when they go on sale. Although a few of these items are several dollars lower than their regular marked price so maybe those are already on sale??

I haven't seen any steer head skulls yet this year. At the same time I bought my wagon wheel a few years ago I also picked up a steer's skull and a croaking toad. Two of those are back the in store so maybe there's hope for the skull as well.

Right now they have a free ship offer thru end of May and if you order and pick up at the store you can get a % back from your purchase price. See their Special Offers tab current on the item's page.
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