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I just went to our local rec center and for the second year in a row I volunteered
for the haunted house. I walked into the office of the lady that runs it and she gets a big smile on her face, She said she had been waiting for me to show up and was going to give me a call by Friday if I hadn't. She said she was so impressed with me being leather-face, the lead role in the haunt, that she wanted me for it again this year!!!
I'm so stoked! Usually the head of the park and recs gets to be the lead, he was sick last year and couldn't do it, so they asked me to do it since I'm so big, I stand out. yeah, 6-2 and 260 lbs. I towered over the other actors last year.
I asked about Wes (the director of the rec center) if he wanted the job. She told me that he really didn't stand out, just kind of stood there revving the chainsaw, wouldn't chase the kids or make any noises.
But yeah, its great, we do it for a week before Halloween, so I get to enjoy this great holiday and dress up for a week!!! I cant wait!!!
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