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Just finished this witch head

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I just finished this witch head that I want to use as a cauldron creep, won't be done by this year unfortunately. I thought I would share her picture anyway. It is a $40 mask that I added an acrylic eye to, foam filled and hand punched all the hair ($10). I think she turned out pretty cool!

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Westbatman: Very nicely done! She looks superb with the custom modifications that you've made.

I had bought that mask too, in order to make a cauldron creep-style stirring witch. (That project will have to wait until a future year though.)

Nightfisher: It's the 'Wicce' mask. Here's one link from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/HalloweenMasks-Wicce-Mask/dp/B0091X7JEW, but other places sell it too.

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