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Just wanted to say hello- I am new to this kind of web page Forum and honestly not sure what I am doing.

I am an Artist and a DIYer.. I am into projects big and small. At the moment, I am working on a paper mache haunted tree and Witchy (fairy gardens) and this is my first time doing it as well. I was told to come here and you guys would help me along with pictures and such to get more ideas.

I was an Art teacher 25 years, but I have never done a project from all my own materials.
I am exclusive to recycle, reuse and repurpose. I am also known around town as ~ Junk Gypsy~ I drive my ole beater truck playing AC/DC and picking up ole furniture to redo- I love it! I make my own candles, jewerly, grown my own vegetables, and just get lost in creating.
Tattoo Arm Shoulder Joint Tattoo artist

Hallows eve has a special meaning to me and please bear with me.. I am a woman of many dimensions...
Something Ive always said..." Everyone has a dark side, some are just darker than others"

Blessed Be,
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