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A very unusual night here in a totally different kind of way.
We saw two young men, who had never met, show up for the house tour bringing numerous females with them, both men have been here before and both of them have previously been in the first room of the house when something very odd, unexplainable happened.
The one had been here 8 to 9 years ago. He has been in College ever since and he is now teaching Psychology out in a Western state.
The younger of the two men worked for us last October and still works locally at a full-time job.
So many highly "Coincidental" things have happened in this house. You talk about something 40 feet away and on a lower lever of the house and it turns "ON", runs for just a few seconds, just long enough to scare my Girlfriend right out of the house!
Our previous employee was sitting in this "first" Room last October speaking with my Wife as tours were going through the house.
He meant to say the word "Bed" (in reference to a display here), instead he misspoke and said the word ,"Butt".
As soon as he uttered "Butt" the Fart Machine in the room made it's silly noise!
It only works via a remote's radio signal. The remote was situated in it's usual location up high out of reach to most.
The machine is not voice activated at all.
The other young man was here before when the room was full of people and a young woman interrupted me to ask:"How often do Supernatural things happen in this house?"
As soon as she finished saying the word "House" there was a "Clumpity-bump!" sound from behind me?
I could not figure out what could have made that sound until the previously mentioned young man said:"I think something fell off of the Television>" (Behind me)
The styrofoam skull was missing from where it sits on the Tv. I looked quite awhile to find it, because I never thought it could have possibly ended up clear across the room, at the feet of the girl who just asked that question!
That night three of us saw the skull's chin up off of the floor as he looked up at her... but it couldn't set that way later after that when I tried to show people how it looked that night. His chin does nothing but rest on the floor.
Last October a young woman asked me in front the entire room full of customers:"Why do you believe in the Supernatural?"
I responded:"If you had seen and heard the things that I have seen and heard... You would believe in it too!"
The very first thing I do if something odd, or possibly too highly coincidental happens which may be "Supernatural", is analyze my own frame of mind just before "IT" happened , "How much of "IT" could have been my imagination? What was I thinking just before "IT" happened?
Could have something totally common, natural have somehow made this happen?
Only after pondering all such ideas and possibilities , do I ever classify it as something possibly "Supernatural".
Fourteen years ago , a very "busy" year here for such things, such events seemed to happen either one or two nights before or after the full moon, sometimes more than one "thing" would happen in a night.
Still trying to "figure this stuff out", if possible.
"Life" is interesting, if you take the time to notice.'
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