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Jumping spider isn't activating....help!

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I have the jumping spider from spirit and broke the connector for the foot pad and the motion sensor is hardly working....how does this need to be set up to work right....it's a hit but I'm having to get the kids to pet him to set it off
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I had a similar problem with the sensor, after it working fine inside two nights ago. I think the sensor needs to sense light changes, so when it's dark, someone can walk right in front with no result. At least that's my best guess.
I was having the same problem. Vienna Mike is correct it does sense light changes. Our solution was to put an led flash light on the other side of the walking path from the spider and it worked perfectly after that.
thanks army, I will have to try that next year....I tried to rig something up similar at the last minute but didn't have anything handy that put out enough light
Anyone know: is the footpad port just looking for a closed switch? Know how much voltage it has to handle (I assume very little, since it's battery powered)? I want to hook up my own sensor next year.
Check the sensor itself. Some of them have a lot of hair that's been pushed in front of the sensor. Move the hair away or cut it away from the area in front of the sensor and it'll work better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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