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Jon's entry

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Okay, here is my entry. I just made it this past weekend. I am hoping to put a pop up skeleton in it. The fact that my daughter is in one of the pictures is purely accidental and is in no way meant to sway the judges. Okay.....maybe a little.

15 1"X 6" x 6' boards ($25.35)
2 boxes of 1 1/4 drywall screws ($10)
Total = $35.35 plus tax

Cordless drill
Table saw
Miter saw
Circular saw

Time= about 4 hours over two days

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Very nice, wild west looking coffins. I do have one question. Did you use CCA or ACQ (green stuff) wood or did you do something to get that green look. It looks like moss or it was just dug up or something. If you were not going for that look, well you got it. If you were, well done. :)
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