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Joann's Fabrics - 2015 Halloween

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Well I searched but not seeing a thread for this year for Joann's Fabrics, just for other years. I thought I saw one but guess it was just someone's post about a find or sale there in one of the general shopping threads. So here's a dedicated thread for this year.

Had to run in today to look for something non-halloween and saw that they had started their Halloween merchandise sales. Through today, 10/3, they have the Wilton Halloween food crafting items on sale 30% off. Other stuff was 30-50% off (Funkins too). Maker's Halloween and Decor is 50% off.

Here's a few photos I took. The Wilton beakers are kind of like shot glass size but nice as they have the markings on them like real beakers. The test tubes are pretty small and good for one gulp I would guess or a shot of Jelly Belly's. I picked up the Frankenstein head (reg. 9.99, now 6.99--think it should have been 4.99 hmm) to use in my Mad Lab. And couldn't resist the cool raven feather garland (actually goose feathers, reg. 15.99, now 7.99). Very witchy I thought. I was thinking maybe of using it as a garland drape around the neck of a witch doctor in a swamp scene.

When I was checking out with my 4 garlands and Frankenstein head, the cashier asked if I had a coupon and said to pull out my cellphone and directed me to their website coupon area. Thanks to her I also saved 25% on top of that (10.08). Left happy with my purchases. Xmas is already being stocked and now that Halloween has started to get marked down in these last few weeks, what's left goes pretty fast. Saw some nice costume and accessories on sale too.

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I've only been to JoAnn's once this halloween season and all I bought was a pair of fox socks ( I have an obsession with Foxes..is that a word?) I don't remember seeing the Frankenstein head there. I just bought one yesterday at Walmart 4.47 there so about the same price with the 50% off ( more if you had another coupon) They had a witch, a skeleton with a skeleton neck , and a zombie. Is that the same that JoAnn's had? and then they also had the typical male and female heads. I really liked the skeleton and I liked how they painted the zombie, I just don't know if I have the skills to make the zombie look good. Didn't really care for the witch, her head seemed tiny.
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