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Hey folks,

Name's Mike and I need some costume help. I'm working on my Mask costume for a costume contest in October. I just put in an order for the yellow zoot suit so that's taken care of. Sure, I still need the white shirt, suspenders, socks, shoes and I don't think I'm going to wear the hat. I'll be indoors where it's very hot in a dance club sorta place.

The problems:
1.) The actual mask itself.
First of all I'm a US Marine serving in Okinawa, Japan. There arn't costume shops open like in the US. This will all be an online ordering deal. I've also never worked with latex appliances.

I figure I can use green grease paint, add powder to seal it and then use some sort of barrier spray to make it last. I'm just going to shave my head. The problem with grease paint is I need it to be a lighter green. How would I do that?

As far as the latex appliances, I figure I'll need cheeks, chin and eyebrow ridges as basics. I was thinking of hiding my ears but that's a lot of work.

2.) The Teeth.
Either store bought or handmade... I could construct a dental appliance but I don't know how to do that. I could even use something like Sculpey clay but I don't like that idea either...

So basically I'm looking for people's ideas on how I could pull of making the latex appliances, where are good places to buy stuff, how to use grease paint better and how I can make those stupid teeth.

Wish me luck.

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