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This is a combination of two separate yards - my niece lives in the next town over and they did ToTing Thurs night so as not to conflict with High School football on Friday. Bizarre, but what the heck, we got to do two nights instead of one. Anyway, here's my maiden voyage into the world of Yard Haunting.....

A wide view of the yard:

Lighting Home House Night Building

Cemetery shots:

Pink Home Tree House Yard

Leaf Headstone Grave Tree Plant

House Home Fictional character

Headstone Grave Stele Nonbuilding structure

Headstone Grave Text Leaf Font

The Green-Eyed Monster:

Lighting Technology Room Electronic device Screenshot

The Possessed Pumpkins:

trick-or-treat Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin Plant Calabaza

The Witch's Shack:

Sky Night Darkness Room House

Light Purple Violet Lighting Sphere

Liqueur Shelf Drink Alcohol Distilled beverage

Table Play Toy

Mason jar Canning Preserved food Glass

Zombie Containment Garage:

Wall Projection screen Screen Sky Technology

Flying Crank Ghost (crypt and garage):

Purple Blue Violet Art Visual arts

Light Lighting Purple Night Room

Ghosts in my house:

Home Light House Lighting Wall

Light Heat Window Room Wood

Heat Light Lighting Room Window

Yours Truly:
Forgive that my scythe has no blade. It was made of styrofoam and broke off when I walked into a tree.


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Holy cow ! - this was your first haunt ? ? !

You did a great job ! :D
So may props and details, seems like you hit all the biggies = love it.

Probably one of the simpler / faster things you put up:
but the "Eyes in the window" = was a perfect little detail.

Now your hooked: you will start thinking about / working on new projects
all through the year.

Again, really, really good setup ! - know all the little TOT's had a great time !


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"How did you project your Ghostly Apparitions?" - weeping angel

This is my YouTube channel:


"Pepper's Ghost test #2" goes into detail about the set-up. Long story short, the projector was on the floor on the other side of the room projecting onto a piece of chiffon that was pulled tight across the window.

Technically this is not "Pepper's Ghost" although it produces the exact same visual effect. In the "Test #2" video I state that white chiffon is what I was sold on using but that actually changed to gray. The exact material was CASA COLLECTION CHIFFON in PLATINUM color from JoAnn's Fabrics. This is the material I used for "Pepper's Ghost test #3" on YouTube as well as the photos you see above.
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